Currently in Regina, at the MacKenzie Art Gallery, a show and installation entitled "Boarder X" is running through until October 21st. Read through for some details on the show, and then keep scrolling to see some photos from the opening night, shot by Noel Wendt.


Boarder X brings together interdisciplinary contemporary art from artists of Indigenous nations across Canada who surf, skate and snowboard. In this exhibition these practices are vehicles to challenge conformity and status quo, as well as demonstrate knowledge and performed relationships with the land.

Featuring: Jordan Bennett, Colonialism Boards (Michael Langan and Kent Monkman collaboration), Bracken Hanuse Corlett, Roger Crait, Steven Thomas Davies, Mark Igloliorte, Mason Mashon, Meagan Musseau, Meghann O’Brien, Les Ramsay and Amanda Strong.

Curated by Jaimie Isaac / Winnipeg Art Gallery Curator of Indigenous and Contemporary Art

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Mike Langan, 360 Flip.

Sarah Molder, Crooked Grind.

Ethan Harrison, Boardslide.

Ethan Reoch, Back Tail.

Show curator Jaimie Isaac.

Koleden Znidaric, Front Blunt.

Sarah Molder, Nollie Heelflip.

Koleden Znidaric, Kickflip to fakie.

Mark Igloriorte, Fakie Heelflip.

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