Asphalt Oasis

Magnushanson 360flip fidlin web

Asphalt Oasis

Words by Joe Close

Photo by Sam Fidlin

You’re driving through a municipality called Delta—a name that for some reason nearly bores you to tears—but more specifically, you are in Surrey, and see a sign for a BMX track that looks like it’s been there for 30 years. And you can’t quite be sure as you are driving, but hot damn, it looks like some of that track is paved. Could it be? Your skateboard is in the trunk. Could you be that lucky? So you pull over, tip toe over to the track, and try rolling your worn down 51mm wheels across the rugged asphalt poured only with BMX tires in mind. So no, you could not be that lucky. This track is not meant for you, because this track is for little rippers on bikes with full face helmets going full speed around the track while their parents tailgate at a Saturday afternoon rally in August. But, if you had known about this in advance, maybe you would have planned ahead with bigger wheels, or, had you been really fortunate, maybe you’d have skated a similar type of obstacle as a youngster. And then maybe, just maybe, you’d be able to drop a bomb of a 360 Flip like Magnus Hanson

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