Ambush with Tyler Warren

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BS 50-50

From the interview issue in issue 8.4

Interview by Bob LaSalle

Photos by Nathan Ethier-Myette

Sup T?

Sup B?

Tell me about yourself.

My name is Crazy T and I’m sitting in the same room as you ten feet away typing to you on Facebook. Nice crib Bob!

Thanks Tyler. I paid good money for it.

Yeah, explains why you can’t pitch on this bottle we brought you eh?

Are you a DJ?

Yea, I am for sure. For bookings and info contact my manager, @chuckmvp.

What is your DJ name?

Crazy T.

Nice, what sort of gigs have you been playing these days?

I’ve been throwing these parties in Calgary all winter and now this bar/restaurant in Montreal gave me three to four days a week to play music there.

Yea, L’Entrepot is a great spot. Where would you like to see your DJ career in five years?

Hopefully I’ll be the coolest DJ on the motherfuckin’ planet.

Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.

Hell yeah, I’m gonna arrive in a Subaru WRX STI, that’s the sickest whip!

Tell me about your diet.

I’ve been eating meat these days... it’s been about six or seven years since I did last. It’s great; I don’t know why I didn’t eat it before. Before that I only ate bread and cheese.


Not really, a bit.

What did you have for dinner last night?

Me, Phil, Chuck, and Antoine got 100 chicken nuggets from Burger King yesterday. I probably had around 15-20. That was it. Like I said, had no idea what I was missing out on before.

Perfect first meat experience. What’s it like having [Bryan] Wherry the God as your team manager?

Perfect, he knows. No one better.

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Wallie Over the Pole

Describe Bryan Wherry in three words.

Money. Power. Respect.

I consider my skateboarding style to be a mix of Dan Gesmer and a young Bill Danforth circa Street Survival, a powerful blend of finesse and aggression. Which two skateboarders would you say define your style?

Yeah, that makes perfect sense. I think my skating is like a mix of Carlos Ruiz and Kareem Campbell, you know? That makes sense, hey? Or like MadeinTYO and Gareth Stehr with a taste of Dustin Henry and Ben Blundell. Yeah that’s it.

Please elaborate.

MadeinTYO is a little man who raps, right? But Gareth Stehr is like a dumb guy whose shirts never fit. I think I’m a little man who raps and can’t find the perfect fitting t-shirt.

That sounds about right, I see you as a hesh Stevie Williams with a hint of white kid. Why do you always move around? Why can’t you stay in one city for very long?

I’m not sure, I just have constant FOMO and I want to be everywhere that I can’t be. Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver are the top three for Canada, I think. I want to be in these three places all the time.

You think you're gonna stay in Montreal for a while?

Only future can tell. Ask Future.

I don’t have his contact info but I heard you talking shit on French Canada in your Bunt Live thing with Cephas [Benson].

I wasn’t talking shit I said, “Fuck Montreal, I’m moving to Toronto”. No, but for real, it’s hard moving to a French speaking city as an Anglophone and trying to find work… You end up dishwashing or DJing. It’s a tough trade for a cheap city with a good environment and good people. You feel like an outsider sometimes... It’s a big thing where everyone tries to move here but can’t stay. I came back for round two though.

I feel you man, despite Montreal being a fully bilingual city, it can be challenging for [Canadian] Anglos to find work and their place within the culture. A lot of people come here and get discouraged. Are you working on your French?

It’s hard to work on it when I’m surrounded by English people. As in, I have lots of English friends that have moved here and the locals are speaking English around us too instead of their first language. But recently I’ve been forced to stay quiet and keep to myself... or ask what does this or that mean... and I like it. I’m far away from learning to speak French but I never get upset about it because it makes perfect sense to me how Quebecois culture is being threatened by the Anglophones.

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Ollie to FS Wallride

Some folks live their entire lives here without ever learning French. It’s doable–only a little bit harder than figuring out French. Are you a ladies’ man Tyler?

Of course, ladies love me.

I know. Why do you they love you so much?

I think because I’m a perfect boy with a perfect smile.

What does it take to be a perfect boy in 2016?

The date doesn’t matter Bob. We've had perfect boys since the beginning of time. It’s just natural.

Who's “we”?

Perfect boys have existed since the beginning of time.

Please define ''perfect boy''?

Perfect face, perfect drink, and perfect Instagram. The rest doesn’t matter.

Do you think that your face and Instagram profile are “perfect”?

Yeah, for sure.

What was it like to go on tour with Fred Gall and the Ipath team at the tender age of 16?

It was good. I learned more on this trip than I will ever learn. I still have a notepad that Fred bought me with a list of life lessons. That’s why I’m soaked right now with a list of movies to watch.

Wow, would you be willing to share a 1 of Fred's life lessons?

Always keep one bottle in your back pocket… That's your weapon.

Do you think you'll ever be a Pro Skater?

No. I mean, yeah for sure.

What kind of career path would you consider if your skateboarding career doesn’t pan out?

I think a rapper/DJ would be the way to go. Social media networker or freelance networker.

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