A Selection of Photos from Terry Worona

I'm happy to say that I've known Terry now for well over a decade, but I can't say that I get to see him nearly as much as I'd like. We met years ago in Ottawa; skating as youngsters. He's the type of guy you always want to be around. He's incredibly kind and genuine, and has a funny side to him that is the perfect amount of witty and self-deprecating. He has a passion and eye for photography that is refreshing and always well thought out. And he's got some very sweet moves on a skateboard to top it all off. —Spencer Hamilton

All photos by Terry Worona

Daniel Spiro

Alex Greenman, Pole Jam

Lynn Canyon

Spencer Hamilton

Spencer Hamilton, Frontside Bluntslide

Russ Milligan, Fakie Frontside Crooked Grind

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