Sparrow Sessions at Spin Skatepark

Sparrow Sessions , created by Jessy Jean Bart, is an inclusive skateboarding event focused on style, creativity and determination. The sessions consists of inclusive best trick jams where everyone is invited to participate and challenge themselves.

And by the photo gallery from their last event at Spin skatepark, the kids are loving it.

Photos by Ryan Lebel

Phil, kickflip

Zach Laprairie, bs noseblunt
Xavier Lafontaine, 360 flip
Colin Bretel, boardslide
Philippe Lizotte, feeble to 5050 bs 180 out
Yohan Estrada, fs boardslide
Olivier Felton, kickflip
Thomas Nadeau, fs boardslide
Olivier Courchesne, 50-50 up down
Diego Flint, wallie up roll down
Mathieu Dulude, 50-50 180 out
The man himself, Jessy Jean Bart, noseblunt
Sparrow Sessions is about giving back to the community
Jessy with Oli, the winner of the Ambition snow skate
Phil walked home with this brand new Diz Industries flat bar
Let's toss some Nixon watches to end the day

Next Sparrow Session will be at Adrenaline Urbaine Skatepark 2-6pm 20$ 15/10/2022 bring your helmet!

For more information about upcoming events visit

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