MQC's 21st Annual City Hall POSER GAME Championship

In the first years of the Poser Game, everyone entered because it felt special. The Poser Game was not an event or a contest. It was an opportunity to be a part of a moment in Montreal's urban culture and create memories that last a lifetime.
The game is still not a contest; it is a chance for the skate scene to meet up on its own terms to glorify skateboarding in the streets.
Although it seems skateboarding is becoming more competitive as it evolves, twenty-two years later, the spirit of the Poser Game is still bringing the city together and about having fun.
Unfortunately, Zander, who won the trophy three times (five times in all), couldn't defend his title this year due to an injury.
Congratulation to Morgan DT who was able to secure the title from Alexis Lacroix with a Kickflip Backside Five O Frontside 180 out!

Judge Etienne Tanguay, Score Keeper Big James and MC Dave Boots
Will Marshall, Dan Cameron and Charles Rivard
Conor Neeson
Mason Cluet
Thomas Wright
Jayden Sauvé
Miles and Aimee
Constantin Blondy and Jayden
Zach Wilkins
Alexis Lacroix
Oliviero Fontana came to support!
Drew McGraw
Morgan DT
Alexis Lacroix
Guillaume and Conor
Morgan DT

Text by Dave Boots

Photos by Dan Mathieu

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