LOVIAH PANTS best trick @ Spin Skatepark

A few years back, legendary Montreal skateboarder Pif low key started to make pants. He took his time and quietly perfected his craft. Finally Last Thursday, LOVIAH PANTS hosted a best trick competition at Spin Skatepark to celebrate its launch.
It was an incredible turn out, Og’s showed up, old friends showed up, kids I’ve never seen before were killing it and good times were had by everyone.
Here’s a few photos from the night and make sure to check out Loviah Pants, Pif is doing things right.

Hype man Sebastien Laplaine on the mic with Loviah's PIF giving money for tricks
First obstacle was the manny pad to get the legs going and rapidly it was clear we were in for a good ol' chaotic skate event.

Noah and Cory on the 1's and 2's
Second obstacle was the picnic table. Ced Vignault, backside kickflip.
Morgan DT
Alex Côté
Pat Tremblay
Emille Pronovost
JP Grenier
Zander Mitchell
Leo Hamel
Zander Mitchell
Jayden Bono
Fred Lanteigne
Morgan DT
JP Grenier
Mason Cornwell
Chuck and Forbes!
Olivier Courchesne
JP Grenier
Kyle MacDonald was there
MVP's Zander and Morgan

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