Keiran Zimmerman Goes Pro for Jenny Skateboards

Pros rarely make the trek out to Winnipeg, so when they do, you know something special is about to go down. Keiran Zimmerman had been working on a colourway with Emerica and Jenny for a while. The plan was to launch the shoe in his hometown and the locals were hyped! On the day of the event, The Plaza At The Forks was popping. Everyone came out to watch the Jenny and Sk8 Skates team put it down for the city.
Keiran concluded the demo with a bolts backside flip over the planter gap and the crowd dispersed to Sk8 Skates for an afterparty. After a couple of hours of free beers and some much-needed catching up with the homies, it was time to premiere Keiran’s new part. Everyone was stoked, but the best was still to come. Out wheeled a massive ice sculpture, with Keiran’s new pro board frozen in the center. It was long-awaited and well-deserved, and the crowd went crazy! Here’s a few of the moments I captured throughout the night. Congrats Keiran!

The man himself, Keiran Zimmerman with a kickflip over the rail
Sk8 co-owner, Fane Smeal, backside tailslide
Ryan Siemens, frontide bluntslide
Austin and Brock
Bridget, Mackenzie and Charlotte
Roger, Keiran, Craig, Erik and homie

Words and photos by Jackson Toone in association with DWT Magazine.

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