Illusion TOP LEVEL

Select a few local skaters, send out invitations to some of Quebec’s finest, and take them all to the top of an undisclosed mountain for a day of fun in the sun and you get Illusion TOP LEVEL, an extraordinary jam.
For their 25th anniversary, Illusion Boardshop wanted to create a special event and on paper the concept sounded quite simple, but of course Covid made everything a lot more complicated. Rules and regulations to keep everyone safe can get overwhelming but thanks to their motivation and hard work, the crew at Illusion was able to pull off an event like no other!

10am meeting, most people were on time, impressive.
Vincent Beauchemin and Ced Vignault, excited about the day ahead.
Alexis Lacroix brought a few special tricks in his bag.
"Thanks for taking me out of the city"
Not a bad view.
Rules and regulations
Vincent Beauchemin warming up
Alexis Lacroix getting things started
Elian Calderin Audet and Victor Larose
Ced Vignault
Jessy Jean Bart
Elian Calderin Audet
Morgan DT
Ced Vignault
Jessy Jean Bart
Vincent Beauchemin
Alexis Lacroix, hippy jump tre flip
Alexis and Zack Wilkins discussing the Sputnik vaccine
Elian Calderin Audet
Morgan DT
Jessy Jean Bart
Alexis shuts it down with this smith grind hippy jump

At the end of the day, the skaters voted among themselves and decided that Alexis Lacroix, Morgan DT and Jessy Jean Bart were the goats for that day.
Big ups to the other skaters who also killed it all day: Ced Vignault, Vincent Beauchemin, Elian Calderin Audet and Victor Larose.

Thanks to Toyota Magog, Guru Energy, Independent, Bronson, OJ’s, Vans Canada and La Microbrasserie La Memphré for supporting this project.

Thanks to everyone at Illusion Boardshop for a fun day! Lets turn this into an annual celebration!
Video by Alex Blais
Photos by Dan Mathieu

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