Hoedown at the Hoof 11 - Photos

After a brief hiatus, Hoedown at the Hoof brought the heat for it’s 11th anniversary.
So much went down during the best “nontest” around!
Here’s some photos I was able to capture throughout the day. Looking at these I can still hear Gymbo singing “Hoof! There it is!”
Thanks everyone for a fun day.

Video recap of the event can be enjoyed here.

Ready to roll!
Hoof! There it is! Gymbo and Pedro Cohen
Legends all around
Open Category winner Jesse Ingrilli was a pleasure to watch. Ripping all day with a smile!
Another crowd favorite, a man who lives on the edge, Phil Dulude
Groms winner, Chihiro Law
Women First place champion, Kaede Fraser
It's always great to watch Laura Girvan on her board! Congrats on second place in the women division.
Veterans 1st place winner, Barret Labonte with a stylish backside ollie
Marc Racciardelli
Stoked to see Pat Dulude enter the vets category
The Dulude! Phil, Math and Pat.
Good looking judging panel! Mark Bonner, Ri Abderhamane, Dennis Bannock
Raj Mehra and Drew Williams
Chad Wilson and Teegan
Third place Open Category winner, Adam Hopkins
Adam had a bit of a mishap during the finals and cut his head open on a madonna to smith gone wrong. He was fine and wanted to keep skating, but stitches were needed. It's hard to see with blood in your eyes.
Lee Penstone and Chris Bridgwood
Frederik Khun
Jacob Sabourin-LeBlanc
Fay DeFazio Ebert got fifth place competing with the big boys this year!
Andre Young
John Parrott
John Cotters
Jesse Ingrilli
Smooth operator Jake Fardell was there
Phil Dulude
Jabba the Cut brought the fire
Jake Fardell
Pedro Cohen
Jesse Ingrilli
Dawson Mclachlan
Fay Defazio Ebert
Jesse Ingrilli
Todd Hoberger and Jason Shoemaker. Thanks for all your hard work Jason!
Real World played while the best trick went down
Real World
Pedro Cohen
Brandon Foster
Pedro Cohen
1st Chihiro Law, 2nd Owen Proffett, 3rd Maddon Proffett
1st Kaede Fraser, 2nd Laura Girvan, 3rd Natalie Chau
1st Barret Labonte, 2nd Mark Bajcar, 3rd Marc Ricciardelli
1st Jesse Ingrilli, 2nd Phil Dulude, 3rd Adam Hopkins

All photos by Dan Mathieu

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