Beat The Heat 2022

The night before one of Canada’s biggest skateboard competitions, skaters gathered in Medicine Hat for a game of skate, some live music and a best trick contest. Though starting off with a night to relax and get acquainted with the park, the next morning skaters were in full contest mode. Talented riders came from all over Canada with their hearts set on a free entry into Tampa Am and $3000 in cold hard cash. The Medicine Hat Skateboard Association didn’t disappoint, gathering over $25k in prizes and cash from a number of generous sponsors.
The kids threw down first, many of which were competing for the first time. Siena White took the gold for the womens open cash category after a hell of a run, with Sarah Galeano, Eve Seward and Violet Whyte running up. Organizers kept the hefty crowd entertained with frequent mini comps including trivia, a keg jump battle and a bad tattoo competition.
In the end, the judges were faced with a tough decision in one of the closest battles yet, but after a surprise fiery fatty to flatty hosted by Cousins Skateboarding, the judges made the decision. Dillz came in first for the second year in a row, with Calgary’s Jayson Guenther in second. Coming out of a recent injury, Winnipeg’s Erik Penton landed third.
The night wrapped up with a product toss, a visit to Medicine Hat’s esteemed Silver Buckle, and for myself, a five-hour photo-editing session sorting through the day’s best shots. Here are a few of my favourites:


Erik Penton Backside boardslide to feeble
Jayson Guenther, Back Noseblunt
Fane Smeall, Front Salad


Sienna White
Cole Stephens
Jayson Guenther


Isaiah Crawford


Tom Nelner
Kolten Austin, SW Front Tail 270 Out
Jayson Geunther
Under 12 category
Under 16 category


Sarah White
Violet Whyte


Special thanks to the Medicine Hat Skateboard Association and the mass of supporters and sponsors that made the day possible. Hope to see you out next year.

Photos and words by Jackson Toone, in association with Don’t Waste Time Magazine.

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